3 photos at the top of the page for the décors

Mireille’s décors are to order.

Her work begins at the first meeting with the client, who will explain to her

his (or her) project, the idea of a décor for a certain place, a wall, furniture or on cloth

When she has really defined the clients project she will propose a certain décor

she has imagined for you with a watercolor drawing to scale and an estimated price.

Depending on the size and the support of the décors, it can either be painted in place,

directly on your walls, or on canvas painted in my studio (mounted afterwards).

Her décors are creations, but she can paint also from an another painting,

to make and adaptation, even a copy…

What she likes in the art of trompe-l’oeil is the play side, the surprise aroused

in the look of the spectator when a simple wall gives the illusion of a deep,

a somewhat more luminous, a distant perspective.

Her favorite themes are nature, gardens, skys…but she can adapt to the choice

of the client, for example a certain movie producer, for who she created

on a wall of his garden, a trompe-l’oeil view of the entrance of a cutting room

and film theatre !

Wheather its for a creation, a restoration or a copy in France or elsewhere,

don’t hesitate to contact her, she will be happy to meet you and to listen

to the needs of your project…