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Affiche expo Caromb 2022 2022.Exhibition of my paintings, in the “Chapelle des Pénitents Gris” in Caromb.





Paintings exhibition poster in 2020. Mireille Estévenin paintings 2020.Exhibition of my paintings (flowers and garden) on the walls ofLa Brocanterie du Lapin Bleu at Malaucène in Provence.


Exhibition poster in September 2019 in Caromb








2019.Exhibition of my paintings










2019. from the 19th to the 1rst of August ,exhibition of my paintings in the town hall at Crillon Le Brave .









2018. solo exhibition, at “L’Acacia en Provence” in La Roque Alric


The poster of my paintings exhibition with Anne Cléo Lespinasse in 2017 at Caromb








2017. exhibition paintings with the painter Anne Cléo Lespinasse, in the “Chapelle des Pénitents Gris”, in Caromb.


The poster of my last painting exhibition at La Roque Alric in 2017








2017.Solo exhibition at « La Maison de l’Acacia en Provence” in La Roque Alric .









2016, solo exhibition in the tourism office of Caromb.



L'affiche de mon exposition de tableaux à St Pierre de Vassols en 2016








2016.Solo exhibition,in the restaurant « le Vassol », at  St Pierre de Vassols, Vaucluse.






2013, solo exhibition, at « La Maison l’Acacia en Provence » La Roque Alric, Vaucluse.


Between 2007 and 2012, takes a part in ” Ateliers portes ouvertes“, in Caromb.

2005, order of murals painted , for the chapel St Hubert of the “Château d’Estoublon« Mogador », at Fontvielle, in the Alpilles, Provence.

1997, collective exhibition paintings at  Beaumes de Venise, rooms of the château. Vaucluse, Provence.

        Exhibitions paintings in  restaurants, houses… And, also the murals  orders painted  in different places …

1994-95, order of murals painted on the walls and the ceiling of  a  “pavillon de chasse” in Camargue, Provence.

1989 ,start of the great murals painted in the houses at St Aygulf,  St Tropez, in  Catalogna (Spain)…..                                                                                                                                   

Trompe-l’oeil painting courses in ” l’Ecole d’Avignon” and also in the “Ateliers du Beaucet”, Vaucluse, Provence.                                                                                                             

Restoration of a part of ancient murals painted in the rooms of the  “château de Saumane”, Provence.

Between 1983 and 1988, she works with her mother, créator of a décoration work shop, at Monteux, Vaucluse,Provence.

              She paints some décors  on  tissues, for curtains, table clothes, etc…and also works for the shop in Paris  « Au Bain Marie ».

1983, First prize of the “4èmes Rencontres audiovisuelles départementales” for her cartoon Symphonie pour un arc-en-ciel 

1979, Ecole des Beaux Arts at Avignon, Vaucluse, Provence.